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Dr. Janet Lee brings her patients over 10 years of experience working in Acupuncture and oriental medicine. With a focus on assisting musicians and athletes recovering from repetitive stress and sports-related injuries. Serving the downtown Manhattan area our clinic is a welcoming place where we explain the process of acupuncture, how it will help, and what to expect. All are welcome, whether it’s your first time or a repeat patient we will help reduce your pain and systems using the acupuncturist way!

Dr. Acupuncture NYC 80 Maiden Lane 9th Fl, New York NY 10038 (646) 965-6555 

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    About Dr. Janet J. Lee

    Dr. Janet J Lee has traveled the world learning and practicing various forms of acupuncture treatment and traditional medicine. Holding a master’s degree from the prestigious Academy of Oriental Medicine and multiple certificates in applied acupuncture. Dr. Lee number one priority is building a connection with her patients and guiding them on a  path to recovery. Stop into her office in Manhattan, easy to reach near Soho, Tribeca, and Lower Manhattan so find out how acupuncture can improve your life today.

    Acupuncture Services

    Pediatric Accupuncture

    Cupping & Electro-Stimulation

    Acupuncture for Athletes and Sport Injuries

    Traditional Chinese & herbal medicine

    Facial Rejuvenation

    Our Acupuncture Clinic in downtown NYC can treat the following:

    -Chemotherapy discomfort
    -Dental pain
    -Labor pain
    -Low back pain
    -Neck pain
    -Menstrual cramps
    -Respiratory disorders

    -Anxiety and depression
    -Morning sickness
    -Headaches and Migraines

    Our acupuncture clinic in Lower Manhattan has continued to please our patients by only providing top-notch acupuncture services. With our holistic approach to natural health, traditional Chinese medicine, and Chinese acupuncture, our acupuncture therapy sessions will lease you feeling rejuvenated and healthier.

    Areas near our NYC Acupuncture Clinic:

    • Lower Manhattan
    • Downtown Manhattan
    • Midtown Manhattan
    • Tribeca
    • Soho
    • Wall Street
    • Greenwich Village
    • Downtown Brooklyn
    • Financial District
    • East Village
    • Murray Hill
    • & adjacent neighborhoods

    Zip Codes Near Our NYC Acupuncture Clinic:

    • 10038
    • 10007
    • 10022
    • 10005
    • 10006
    • 10280
    • 10004
    • 11201
    • 11211
    • 11231
    • 10013
    • & adjacent zip codes

    Dr. Acupuncture NYC 80 Maiden Lane 9th Fl, New York NY 10038 (646) 965-6555

    About Us

    Dr. Acupuncture NYC is a short subway ride from downtown Brooklyn and anywhere in Manhattan as well as most areas in New York City.  Our top of the line facilities and approach will make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Call us today or stop in for a visit to learn more about how acupuncture can help you.